Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer School

Summer School has been great. There are several sessions and the two classes I am taking are great. Truly, the material is condensed and so are the assignments and this keeps me rather busy. I am taking two business classes. The first is Management, and the second is Marketing. They have many similarities that make some of the test answers the same for both classes. It was a total bonus.
As far as campus goes in the summer time, most students have gone home, but the one who remain are making the most of it. There are activities all the time, activities very similar to those activities that occur during the fall and spring semesters.
Also, there is some great renovation happening on campus. There are large tractors tearing up the old and putting in new walk ways and buildings. Its very neat to see the tools that are required to build new things for all the aggies.
BTW, have you been up to campus lately, besides all the construction going on, it is beautiful. The flowers are in bloom, the trees are full and bright, there are summer camps, EFY and all sorts of activities where students can go to deepen their experience.
Finally, if you are looking for a university where you can fit in, look no further than USU. May I submit something rather bold? USU is the most friendly campus in Utah and perhaps the west coast. Furthermore, since the East Coast seems much more closed off, I think you could safely take the schools over there and label them as less friendly. There is a place for every one here. If you are nervous about your college selection, look no further than USU. Make a phone call, ask some questions and you'll see why 26,000 students agree with me.

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