Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

Hey guys,
Spring break was amazing. to give you a quick run down, I flew to San Francisco, California. While there, I went hiking, shopping, touring, and churching. I had a blast. What added to the fun was that I was able to meet up with some fellow Aggies everywhere I went. I met some friends in China town in San Fran and then again in Church. I was so glad to see them. I thought I might. I just asked about some of their plans.
After California, I flew back to Salt Lake and drove down to Las Vegas with a few friends. That was such a fun trip. We saw the Phantom at the Venetian for a student price of just $35. I loved it. I had quite an appetite later so we went to the buffet at the Bellagio. I ate 11 kinds of meet that night. I ate Kobe beef, Black Angus, Chicken, Quail, Pork, Black Clams, two different kinds of Shrimp, Sword fish, Blue nose, and one more that I cannot remember at the moment. You see I went into something of a food coma that took me out of commission for the next few hours.
That night I ran into no less than a dozen of my friends from none other that USU. It was great, we were all out enjoying the night on the strip and watching the shows.
The next morning, we bought our tickets for Lion King and then drove down to Hoover Dam. The tour was great, and again we saw kids from USU. Later that night we saw one more Aggie. I am telling you, spring break is one of the best traditions for USU. I was invited to Mexico, San Diego, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois. I had a great time seeing friends, being with friends and enjoying a real vacation! You have got to come and try on USU. I believe it will be one of the best years of your life. Thanks for reading.

April Fools Day

Its April fools day, so I am updating my blog. I wish I had made time to play some pranks of friends. Did you know that the first documented print about the April fools pranks were in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales? That collection of stories is his claim to fame. I bet he never put his roommate’s furniture on the roof though. I have heard of some good pranks happening throughout the years. Check out this website for a great list of killer pranks that made national headlines.