Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer School

Summer School has been great. There are several sessions and the two classes I am taking are great. Truly, the material is condensed and so are the assignments and this keeps me rather busy. I am taking two business classes. The first is Management, and the second is Marketing. They have many similarities that make some of the test answers the same for both classes. It was a total bonus.
As far as campus goes in the summer time, most students have gone home, but the one who remain are making the most of it. There are activities all the time, activities very similar to those activities that occur during the fall and spring semesters.
Also, there is some great renovation happening on campus. There are large tractors tearing up the old and putting in new walk ways and buildings. Its very neat to see the tools that are required to build new things for all the aggies.
BTW, have you been up to campus lately, besides all the construction going on, it is beautiful. The flowers are in bloom, the trees are full and bright, there are summer camps, EFY and all sorts of activities where students can go to deepen their experience.
Finally, if you are looking for a university where you can fit in, look no further than USU. May I submit something rather bold? USU is the most friendly campus in Utah and perhaps the west coast. Furthermore, since the East Coast seems much more closed off, I think you could safely take the schools over there and label them as less friendly. There is a place for every one here. If you are nervous about your college selection, look no further than USU. Make a phone call, ask some questions and you'll see why 26,000 students agree with me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

Hey guys,
Spring break was amazing. to give you a quick run down, I flew to San Francisco, California. While there, I went hiking, shopping, touring, and churching. I had a blast. What added to the fun was that I was able to meet up with some fellow Aggies everywhere I went. I met some friends in China town in San Fran and then again in Church. I was so glad to see them. I thought I might. I just asked about some of their plans.
After California, I flew back to Salt Lake and drove down to Las Vegas with a few friends. That was such a fun trip. We saw the Phantom at the Venetian for a student price of just $35. I loved it. I had quite an appetite later so we went to the buffet at the Bellagio. I ate 11 kinds of meet that night. I ate Kobe beef, Black Angus, Chicken, Quail, Pork, Black Clams, two different kinds of Shrimp, Sword fish, Blue nose, and one more that I cannot remember at the moment. You see I went into something of a food coma that took me out of commission for the next few hours.
That night I ran into no less than a dozen of my friends from none other that USU. It was great, we were all out enjoying the night on the strip and watching the shows.
The next morning, we bought our tickets for Lion King and then drove down to Hoover Dam. The tour was great, and again we saw kids from USU. Later that night we saw one more Aggie. I am telling you, spring break is one of the best traditions for USU. I was invited to Mexico, San Diego, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois. I had a great time seeing friends, being with friends and enjoying a real vacation! You have got to come and try on USU. I believe it will be one of the best years of your life. Thanks for reading.

April Fools Day

Its April fools day, so I am updating my blog. I wish I had made time to play some pranks of friends. Did you know that the first documented print about the April fools pranks were in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales? That collection of stories is his claim to fame. I bet he never put his roommate’s furniture on the roof though. I have heard of some good pranks happening throughout the years. Check out this website for a great list of killer pranks that made national headlines.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Student Elections

Hey Guys,
It is warming up in Logan. The snow is melting and the jackets are getting left at home. Not everyone leaves their jackets at home, but more and more people are. Anyhow, student elections just happened on campus and it was a great experience.
It happens in two parts, first the primaries. The primaries are where anyone can run for an office. It’s also where you separate the finalists from the rest. I put a bid together for student body president. I wanted the job. I built up a campaign committee, signs, all sorts of stickers, and things to get attention. It was really fun. We had planning meetings, strategy meetings, and other get together meetings that were more like just going out to eat. At any rate, despite my best efforts, I did not make the finals.
There were many different stages and plateaus in this last week. The process began on Wednesday at seven. Trucks swarmed the busy walkways of the university. Each candidate and their respective campaigners was setting up a booth area to present to the students their issues and goals. Each booth was original and brightly colored; each was eye catching, all in an effort to make the student elections important to the students. Truly, the students did not find the elections very important. Only 2,000 some odd students voted in the election of the primaries. Now that primaries are over, finals are in full swing.
The Finals take place over three days. On Monday and Tuesday there were presidential debates held in the HUB. A moderator controlled the questioning of the candidates and the assembled students’ submitted questions. It’s a fun environment. Later on Tuesday night the candidates and their excited assistants swarm around student housing knock each door in order to encourage students to vote in the ongoing elections.
Finally, the elections come to a close. New officers are announced and many lessons learned.
Student elections are a long held tradition. Your parent’s participated, your parent’s parents participated and I am guessing; if your great grandparents went to college, they too participated. Now, more than ever before, students do not turn out to vote. Even with the easiest option of all, voting from home, online, they choose to not vote, not make a choice, not make a difference. Some students say the elections are a popularity contest or that their vote makes no difference. I dispute both these assumptions.
Your vote matters, it is more of a popularity contest if you choose not vote. If a student does not vote, according to his conscience and good judgment the candidate with the most acquaintances/friends is given an open door to office.
If you don't think your vote matters, then it doesn’t. You are given the opportunity to vote by our hard fought democracy. It’s your right to say who represents you. However, if you do not make time to cast a ballot, then your right to vote is valued the same as a being given great wealth and never spending a dime of it; what good does it do you? To never enjoy the pleasure of deciding, leaves the non-voter short changed, no one else. Perhaps a feeling of disconnect exists between the students and the ASUSU candidates. Approach them, ask them why they are running, investigate their objectives and get involved. There is always room for more in ASUSU.
The take home message is vote. Do it. Its quick, easy, and a spirit of involvement surrounds it. Show your Aggie pride by voting!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A good January

Something stupendous happened yesterday.
I had been having big concerns about my balancing of the work load at Sports Academy (A great health club in town where I work) and my academic load. I wanted to find solutions or ways to cope with all the stress, so I made an appointment with my counselor in the college of HASS. When Daniel Matthews and I met this week we looked over my transcript and schedule carefully. We found that I was taking one class that I did not need to graduate. He advised me to speak with the Dean of the School of Political Science.
The Dean’s name is Bobbi Herzburg. I sent her an email shortly after my meeting with Dan Matthews. We set up an appointment to meet. A few days later we met and solved the whole thing. She and I had become friends in Washington D.C. She was quick to recognize what I needed and what I didn’t need. We adjusted my schedule to something that really suited me.
Currently, I work two jobs and have class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This leaves me with more time to work on school and work on Monday and Friday so my education can be better rounded out. I think my new schedule is great!
Man I love this school! If you are giving USU a look to see if it’s a good fit, then trust me, this school is tailored to fit. I am consistently pleases with my interactions with fellow students, faculty, staff and advisors.
Come get a tour of USU and meet some of the people here. I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what but I love this school!