Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Folks, I am a senior at Utah State University. Have you ever heard of it? I’ll tell you what, you come try it out, compare it to any other school anywhere and you’ll be happy with your results. It seems that every week I read the school paper or speak with someone we get on the topic on how the school is improving and meeting our needs.

Now, that may sound like a commercial to you but I’ll tell you it’s more of my testimonial.

I love Utah State. I decided to attend USU because first off, I had some family up in Logan, secondly, I had a chance to meet some of the faculty and students before I applied. When they told me about the options I had for my education I was hooked. I applied to other schools but I was so excited to be accepted to USU.

Since then I have never looked back. It was been a wonderful experience for me in every way. I have explored many options in education and found something that I love. At USU you will find so many things to experience and explore.

I have found new loves in sports, education, spirituality, and sociality. I would be lying if I didn’t say that every time I developed a new interest USU had something or someone that would help steer it. This way I have fostered many new curiosities. That is a rewarding experience for me and the educator alike.

You should come up here and check it out. Let me know when you are coming and I’ll show you around.