Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Full Moons at USU

Every full moon at USU we have a tradition. There is a status here called the "True Aggie." It can only be achieved by being kissed on the A by Old Main at midnight. (The A is a small platform beside Old Main, its been there a while) Now this is serious business folks, don't laugh it off, cause its awesome. Once the bell tolls 12, the kissing begins. Some of the couples atop the A are long time lovers and some complete strangers. There is a very outgoing nature about it. Its very fun.
This December 2nd the Aggies at the A received a special treat! Santa came all the way down from his work shop in the the North Pole. It was amazing! Everyone who wanted to got the chance to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. He was very cheerful and funny. I told him about the one time I spotted him placing presents under the tree Christmas Eve. He told me that I must have been extra good that year, because not too many children get to see him. Well I felt pretty good after that.
Following the experience at the A I got back to work on my papers that were due for finals week.
No, I didn't kiss anyone.
Yes, I am a "True Aggie."
Yes, I do occasionally renew my membership.
If you have any questions about being a True Aggie, Ultimate Aggie or Platinum Aggie don't hesitate to ask.
Merry Christmas Guys!