Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween at the HOWL

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Have you ever been to a big party at USU? Holy cow, guys, its amazing. A few friends of mine and I all went to the HOWL this Halloween. I'll tell you, it was a fully enjoyable party. There were snacks and cold drinks, dancing, great bands, jaw dropping shows and performances, hilarious costumes and so much more. I hope you get a chance to come to these parties because it is likely you will not attend another party with 6000+ people dressed in great costumes.

What separated this dance from the rest and put it on the top shelf was its entertainment. Massive Monkeys was there and their show was to say the least mind boggling. I was shocked minute after minute by every move that the dance team was capable of. They were dancing around on their hands. They would just decide to stop obeying the law of gravity and leap up in the air and spin there. Fantastic. They would stand on their own brain cases for as long as it took for the audience to recognize how hard what they were doing really was. It all looked effortless and it totally blew my mind away.

Also, the hypnotist had mind powers the like I have never seen. It was like David Blain or Chris Angel, but right up in your face!

The DJ for the dance was killing it, playing jam after fist pumping jam.

There was a local band that my friend Jade and Tom are in. They burnt my ears to a crisp with their own spin on songs no one can resist. I was dancing as hard as I could just to keep up with how frighteningly good their music was.

In the basment the LDS institute set up an amazing croquet course that was challenging and fun. They also set up the Alice in Wonderland video. I walked in just in time to see my favorite scene. You know the one where the Mad Hatter takes it upon himself to fix the white Rabbit's watch. Oh, I giggle like a four year old every time I see it.

It was a happy Halloween for everyone that showed up.

Ever since I started attending USU I have enjoyed going to the big dances and parties with friends. Its a weekend staple that attracts people from all around.

If you get a chance come try it out, cause it will dominate your short term memory then pass into your long term history as one of the best parties you have ever attended.

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  1. I remember the days of the HOWL! Best Holloweens ever!